How to change Yahoo Password on iPhone6 ?

How to change Yahoo Password on iPhone6 ?

Are you thinking of updating your password? Do not have an appropriate piece of knowledge? Don't worry. Gone are the days when you had to adjust with the less. If you are looking for reliable guidance to change your Yahoo Mail Password then we are here to help you. So, no need to wonder anymore how you can change the Yahoo Mail password on your iPhone 6.

If you are thinking of changing your Yahoo Mail password then you are ahead of almost 60 to 70 percent of people that hardly change their email passwords and keep using the same for years. Changing the password is an amazing solution based on security purposes as well. So, it is always good to consider changing the password after some months as this lessens the changes to get your account hacked or someone suspicious can access the account. Now that you are planning to change your Yahoo Mail password, let us take a closer look at how we can change the Yahoo Mail password.

How to Change or Update an Email Password on iPhone 6?

  • Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone 6
  • Go to “Passwords & Accounts” (earlier iOS versions choose “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”)
  • Click on the email address account you want to update and change the email password for
  • Click on the ‘Account’ field again to access email account login and server details
  • Click on the “Password” field
  • Enter your existing password
  • Enter the new password to update the email password
  • Confirm the new password again
  • Click on “Done” when finished
  • Go back or exit out of Settings when finished

We hope that with this blog you have got to know about how important it is to change the email password and how you can perform it on your iPhone 6. In case you are encountering any sort of issues in performing this then you must contact the Yahoo Mail customer support service and get your issue resolved with the help of technical experts. Call on the Yahoo Mail technical helpline number and get your issues resolved from the comfort of your couch. So, drop all your worries aside about the encountered issues. Also, if you have some suggestions for us about the topics on which you want us to gather data about then do let us know about it. We will be more than happy to serve you with the articles on the topics of your interest.

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Date:-2021-02-25 Author:- Chanda kumari

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