How to Recover Deleted Emails from Yahoo?

How to Recover Deleted Emails from Yahoo?

Have you deleted your important email by mistake? Don’t have any idea about handling it appropriately and restore the email in your Yahoo inbox? It’s time to drop all your worries and handle the issue smartly. Even if you do not have any idea on handling the issue appropriately, you can easily apply the solutions step by step to it and resolve your issues without any hassle. Let us check on how we can handle the issue.

How to undelete email from Yahoo via desktop?

Whenever you delete an email, the service providers move the email to a trash folder where the email stays for seven days. The easiest way to retrieve your email back to your inbox is to move the mail from trash to inbox. Let us see how we can do that.

  1. Open Yahoo Mail in your web browser.
  2. In the left navigation pane, click on Trash
  3. Locate and select the email you want to retrieve by clicking the checkbox to the left of the sender's name.
  4. With the checkbox marked, click on restore to inbox from the list of options at the top of your inbox.
  5. Your select emails will be then available in your Yahoo Mail inbox.

How to undelete emails from Yahoo mail by using the yahoo application?

  1. In the Yahoo Mail app, open the navigation menu by clicking on the icon on the bottom left of your screen.
  2. Open the navigation menu appears, click on trash.
  3. Open the message you want to retrieve.
  4. Click on Move
  5. Select Inbox
  6. Your selected email will be then available in your inbox.

How to recover your lost emails using a Yahoo Restore Request?

If you didn’t find the deleted email in your Trash folder then you can recover the same y submitting a restore request to Yahoo. You can recover the email by following the below-mentioned procedure.

  1. Open the restore request form via Yahoo Help Central.
  2. Specify in the required form whether you deleted the email using your mobile or desktop with the approximate time frame when you saw the email.
  3. Enter your Yahoo ID and a working email address that you have access to.
  4. Click on “Create request” to finalize your request.
  5. If you complete the procedure then your recovered email will be added back to your inbox.
  6. Check your trash folder if you can’t find the email in your inbox.

We hope that the above-mentioned procedure has helped you in recovering your deleted yahoo mails. In case this doesn’t work for you, then you must connect with the Yahoo Mail technical support team and get your issues resolved with the help of technical experts. Call on the Yahoo Mail technical helpline number and receive the most reliable and workable solutions from the comfort of your home. Drop your worries about the issues and give yourself the pleasure of the most reliable and uninterrupted service experience.

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